Is it me....or is it them?

We are accustomed to playing different roles for different people. So much so, that we have the tendency to lose touch with who we are and deserve to reconnect. We firmly believe that meaningful relationships are rooted in connecting authentically. SpeedBack provides a forum where you are able see yourself through someone else’s eyes and learn how others experience you.


  • We are committed providing you with the opportunity to understand and embrace your authentic self and express it accurately.

  • We thrive on empowering you to connect with others and build relationships based on who you really are.

  • Using our established process, you will become self aware of the insecurities you convey and gain the opportunity to change the outcomes of your interactions through this awareness.

Upcoming Events

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  • Feb 6

    HALF MOON – Phoenix

  • Feb 12


  • Feb 14th