About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Sam and I met on a dating app.  Our first date was at a quaint coffee shop near my house.  He was dressed clean, had a great posture and looked directly at me when I spoke.  He asked bold questions then really listened. He did not fight my opinions but stuck to his own. Even though I did not agree with him on much in terms of the mundane, we agreed on some larger questions about life.  All in all, he was engaging and I was open to meeting him again. At the end of our date, he walked me to my car and made a crack about my Prius. Cupid’s arrow missed Sam and I but we became great friends.

At times we confide in and give each other dating advice. We often reference the time we went on a date together.  Since I have been on a date with Sam, I take the time to consider the things Sam points out to me.  I appreciate being able to reflect on what I am doing right or wrong with someone who has seen me do my thing.  I also like it when Sam asks my advice. I feel empowered telling Sam how women want to be treated and have him receive it from a place of friendship and trust.  Sam and I cheer each other on.  We reflect together on our dating experiences and grow from each other’s feedback. SpeedBack is an expression of this friendship.

Why You Should Care

We ALL want the fireworks but let’s be real! With the advent of dating apps, dating is now a numbers game.  Don’t get us wrong, these apps are great in connecting people but somewhere the connection is getting lost.  We are subjecting ourselves to more first dates than ever but without luck.  It is easy to become jaded, tired, and full of bad habits.  No wonder we become sloppy and complacent in how we date. We assume things are not going to work out even before we download the dating apps for the 10th time.  After some point and after going on what seems like the same first date over and over again, we start to wonder. . . Is it me or is it them?

What We Do

SpeedBack is here to help you sort that out. SpeedBack events facilitate several dates and provide participants with an opportunity to give and receive feedback using our uniquely designed SpeedBack form. Sam and I poured in a lot of thought into creating our form. We have meticulously crafted this form rooted in the belief that a person does not need to change who they are to be loved. We simply want people to use SpeedBack to find small adjustments they can make on future dates without compromising themselves.
We have worked hard to make the process of giving and receiving SpeedBack light-hearted, relatable and constructive. Asking for feedback is scary but empowering if used correctly. For example, if you were told you seemed uninterested, you can prepare good open ended standard questions to ask of all your future first dates. On the other hand, if you were told you have beautiful eyes, maybe you can wear outfits that bring them out!
We believe beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You may receive feedback that you are beautiful, but no one can say you are not. Also rest assured, no one is going to tell you to lose weight. At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy dating and make meaningful connections. You never know, you may just meet your perfect match at our event! After all, they are as serious as you about finding that special someone. We invite you to come to our event, have a blast, and walk away with some valuable insight to make sense of dating again!