How It Works

How It Works


At a SpeedBack event, you will go on a maximum of 8 dates resulting in feedbacks from other professional singles. You will have 8 minutes to meet and greet your date and then you will fill our SpeedBack™ form before moving on to your next date. All feedbacks will be ANONYMOUS.

Even though the focus of our event is to provide you with an opportunity to give and receive constructive feedback, we believe cupid can strike anywhere. To make sure you don’t miss out the opportunity to meet someone amazing at our events, you can indicate if you want to go out with your date again at the end of the questionnaire.

After the event, you will receive an email with your personalized SpeedBack Report. This report will contain the following information:

  • Constructive feedback from your dates.
  • Number of people that indicated they wanted to go out with you again
  • Name and Contact information of the people you matched with.

We know that feedback is scary and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that how you are perceived has a huge impact on the kind of people you attract. Our goal is to empower you with feedback that allows you to take control of your dating life. Feel free to adopt those suggestions which resonate with you and reject those which don’t. Join us at one of our events to take a positive step towards being more self-aware and finding the partner of your dreams.

SpeedBack Report

The sample below is a glimpse of the SpeedBack report.  You will receive this report 3-5 business days after the event.

Note: Below is a truncated report a lady may receive from a man.

  • 8 Men said they had positive first impressions of you
  • 6 Men said their impression of you changed for better after speaking with you
  • 2 Men said their impressions of you changed for worse after speaking with you
  • 6 Men asked you out
  • 3 Men you matched with

What your dates thought of how you greeted them:

6 men thought you smelled nice

5 men thought you were warm and friendly

1 man felt you they were in the friend zone – [You patted me on the back instead of giving me a hug]

This is what your dates had to say about your body language:

6 men thought you were self-assured and poised

7 men felt you were warm, fun and playful

5 men said you gave them great eye contact

1 man did not think you had good eye contact

1 man sensed you were bored


We have worked very hard to create our SpeedBack form. Below are the instructions followed by couple of samples of the questions and responses you may receive.


INSTRUCTIONS: Please check  ALL that apply.  Use the specifics sections to write specific things the person said or did that informed your feedback.

You can also use the specifics section to write in your own personalized feedback. Just remember RESPECT & TACT.

One more important thing, . . . If you select a check box with an (*) next to it, you MUST provide specifics otherwise it is NOT HELPFUL to the person receiving that feedback.


What vibe did my body language give you?

  • □ Your confidence adds to your appeal
  • □ Slouching makes you small
  • □ All eyes everywhere but on me
  • □ You seem stiff, relax
  • □ Warm, fun, and playful!
  • □ Wonderful eye contact
  • □ *You looked bored to death*
  • □ * You made me feel uncomfortable*


What stood out about how I approached you?

  • □ You smell intoxicating
  • □ So warm and friendly, gave me the fuzzies
  • □ Relax, let your guard down
  • □ Hug me, don’t squeeze me
  • □ *Am I already in the friend zone?*
  • □ Did you forget the deodorant?