• What steps are you taking to ensure the feedback will be humorous and constructive?

    Our SpeedBack form contains standard choices.  This will set the tone and frame the scope of the feedback people give and receive. The person who is giving the feedback is instructed to specify what their date said or did that informed their impressions. We will also be reviewing all SpeedBacks to ensure that we do not pass along any abusive or degrading feedbacks lacking any constructive value.

  • What will I be receiving constructive feedback about?

    Your date will tell you what they thought about you when they first saw you.  They will reflect on their perceptions of you based on you how you presented and carried yourself.  They will tell you what they thought of how you interacted and talked to them.

  • What type of people can I expect to meet?

    You will go on max 8 dates.  SpeedBack events expect to attract self aware single professionals who are dating with the intention of making a genuine connection.

  • How long is the event?

    You should expect to be at our event for at least two and a half hours.

  • How should I dress for a SpeedBack event?

    Dress as you would on a first date.

  • Will my feedback be anonymous?

    ALL feedback will be anonymous.  SpeedBack will not forward abusive feedbacks lacking constructive value.

  • How long does it take before I receive my matches and feedback?

    You should have it no later than 3 to 5 business days.

  • What’s the refund policy?

    All sales are final. If there are less than 5 men and 5 women signed up, we will refund monies and cancel the event.

  • What do I do when I arrive at the venue?

    A host will welcome you and get you set up.

  • What if I do not receive any matches?

    There are many reasons you may not have matched with someone. Not everyone that comes to SpeedBack is looking to actively date. Many people choose our service to simply obtain feedback. We encourage you to reflect on your date’s feedback and apply the ones you feel will help you. Do not use ‘how many people I matched up with’ as a statement of your desirability or worth. There is simply not enough information in that number to give you any real conclusions.